Building the Brand — 1 Year and Counting

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Audio by Elphick Wo
Photos by MAEKAN

Audio by Elphick Wo
Photos by MAEKAN

And in the blink of an eye, a year flies by and we find ourselves pleasantly surprised by just how much has happened and how much we’ve grown. What started out as a small team of creatives that had never attempted anything like this before has gotten bigger along with our vision for the future.

In this special Building the Brand, co-founders Eugene and Alex look back on the many learnings and adventures the MAEKAN team has gained so far since hard launch and the many more to look forward as we roll into 2018.

Outfitting the LA office for late nights.

Our story with Sarah Kim challenged us as storytellers and opened our minds to new topics.

Editorial trips such as to Tokyo for AMKK bring us directly to our stories and their characters.

Making our Hong Kong office accessible builds the tangible community we strive for.

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