April 13, 2020

Save Points: "Show & Tell"

On our last Open Office, which took place at the beginning of the month, we tried to take our minds off of the news feed and focus on some of the simpler meaningful things in our lives with our first attempt at a grown-up “show and tell.”

The Community’s Take

👐Jeremy L. talks about one of the small but important items that make repetitive actions fun

“I love putting my hand sanitizer in these Muji PET bottles. It increases the ‘affordable luxury.’ It makes the action of like pouring hands and be just a little bit more enjoyable.”

👨‍🍳 Spencer K. also shares a quality of life item that’s gotten its fair share of usage

His choice is a pair of slim kitchen tongs that have been deftly handling everything from steak to sashimi, making both cooking and plating a cinch: “You get so much dexterity when you’re cooking anything in a pan on cast iron or like big pot, and it makes cooking so much fun.”

🖊️ Eugene’s enamored with the affordable luxury of the humble ballpoint

Believe us when we say this, but Eugene has cyclical addictions to writing instruments. Shifting from his previous love for Blackwing pencils, his latest for the past few years has been his Pilot G2 Ballpoint Pens. Also described as an “affordable luxury,” he’s enamored with the amazing writing experience it provides for what is a disposable $2-3 pen.

🌿Charis is all about the joys of gifted plant life 

Charis shared about her mint plant back home in London that was given to her by her ceramics teacher. For her, the meaning behind nurturing a live plant stems (pun intended) from the idea of continuity of life — and the sustainability of using it for her (very) occasional mojito!

🖱️ Nate’s invested in gaming accessories for a future of computer use

For Nate, the customizable multi-button G502 mouse and G13 keypad from Logitech are meaningful because they’re investments in a future of prolonged computer use. His rationale? We’re absolutely going to be using computers for the rest of our lives and to do a variety of complex tasks, so why not invest in making that experience more enjoyable and even less frictionless?

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