April 30, 2020

Save Points — Media Consumption

Our latest MAEKAN Open Office had us discussing the changing dynamics around media consumption including business and personal approaches to evaluating media’s role in our lives.

The Community’s Take

🌟 Jeremy L. weighs on the role of the human factor for media to differentiate: 

“Not to draw too many allusions to Throwing Fits, but I think what they succeed is in the personalities of the hosts. And that’s what kind of lodges in your mind all the time when you think of them. So that’s why I actually put Making It Up as your forefront product because that’s what keeps me coming back, at least maybe even for new people to understand what MAEKAN is all about.”

🎙️ Seth F. emphasizes the importance of transparency in media:

“I think that transparency is really interesting because especially in media, it always feels now like whenever you read bigger media if it was a newspaper or a big website or wherever it’s always someone who owns it that’s got an agenda or the writer’s got an agenda or something. But it’s nice to have something that’s just totally honest.”

📱 Kevin K. notes the changing playing field and competitive dynamics between digital media businesses and influencers that produce media:

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how digital media is now not competing with other digital media, but digital media is actually competing with ‘influencers.’ Has [MAEKAN] considered that a playing field? Because it’s different. I know from my experience it’s way different at least on the financial sides. I think on the business side it’s way different to build a business in media and make the media thing as an influencer aspect of it.”

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