April 18, 2019

Acer ConceptD is a new line of laptops, desktops, and monitors dedicated to creators

Acer launches a new line of creator-focused products ranging from laptops and desktop towers to monitors and VR headsets. However, the brand enters a crowded marketplace.

Can Windows-based brands steal market share from Apple?

On the phone front, Apple has continued to hit growth challenges as many brands have emerged touting more affordable pricing and advancements in camera technology.

High-level creative work still requires a laptop with ample amounts of screen space and power. The phone can only get creators so far. Acer ConceptD’s creator-focused line is well-suited for an increasingly important industry.

Marketing uncertainty and product differentiation

It’s still very early to understand and see the actual capabilities of the whole ConceptD line. There’s a lack of overall product differentiation. Rather than simplify the process with product customization, there are two models per each category over laptops, desktop towers, and monitors without a clear and definitive use case.

What will define ConceptD’s success?

There hasn’t been a clearcut “Windows-equivalent” for creators. It’s instead been an all-out battle amongst the Dell XPS series, Huawei’s new MateBook Pro X, Microsoft’s Surface, HP’s Spectre line and more. Acer’s ConceptD will have a challenge up against these established players, but most importantly, a clear value proposition would go a long way, something that’s currently unclear.

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