March 16, 2019

Objects of Interest — Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Light

Philip Soneo Light Alarm

If you’re anything like us, we value sleep but waking up is hard to do. Philips wants to make your routine less painful through its light alarm clock. Unlike traditional alarms, the Somneo uses light to get you through those dreary winter months and early mornings, improving your circadian rhythm (that way you won’t be too S.A.D.).

How does it work?

The Someno allows you to be naturally woken up. It can be a helpful addition for those who don’t have an abundance of sunlight or face the rising sun. The Somneo ramps up light in your room and peaks at your expected wake up time, simulating a perfect sunrise. Instead of the standard alarm which makes you groggy, the light system ensures you wake up refreshed. Likewise, the alarm also acts in reverse and can simulate a sunset, helping trigger the natural secretion of melatonin to fall asleep.

The Somneo is available now at select retailers globally. Head over to Philips for more information.

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