March 13, 2019

Nike Unveils New Kits Ahead Of 2019 Women's World Cup

nike women's world cup sports

Nike has unveiled its brand new kits ahead of this year’s Women’s World cup. Mark Parker, the firm’s Chairman and President noted “We believe this summer can be another turning point for the growth of women’s football” after Nike gathered 40 of the world’s top female footballers in Paris to unveil 14 national team collections.

Supporting Elite Sport

Nike announced its three-year partnership with UEFA Women’s Football and will become the match ball supplier for future competitions. In addition, the company will support UEFA’s five-year plan to make football the leading female team sport across Europe. Currently, Nike backs football programs from North America to China along with partnerships with the WNBA, FIBA and the CBA to develop women’s basketball.

Nike Is Inspiring Future Athletes

The swoosh brand leveraged its community partnerships and product distribution to help girls and women access and play sports with confidence. Nike’s initiatives range from training female coaches to introducing products such as the Pro Hijab or the Classic Sports Bra. As women’s sports garner greater importance, sportswear firms are taking paying attention and tapping into new markets.

A History Of New Initiatives

In addition to their unique designs, all the kits benefit from cutting edge innovations:

  • All jerseys are made from recycled bottles. In fact, the company recycles more than 1 billion plastic bottles into new products.
  • 4D scanning and motion capture to develop products that support all shapes and sports interests.

As far as sports initiatives go, Nike is doing things properly. Its inclusive attitude backed by its vast access to data and technology help the firm gear up for an exciting and groundbreaking occasion. Whatever the outcome, all of us are excited to see the teams duel it out later this year. Ultimately, it should make for very exciting viewing.

What does it mean for women’s sports?

Nike has continued to put its money where it’s mouth is it. Women have traditionally experienced the run off of men’s products. Existing silos are shrunk down and “pinkified.” Nike has continued to provide unique products built from the ground up and provides excitement and inspiration to the next budding athlete.

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