October 12, 2018

Sneaker platform GOAT applies machine learning and computer vision for authenticity.

Sneaker reseller marketplace GOAT is intensifying its efforts to ensure customers are getting exactly what they expect, authentic sneakers, thanks to help from machine learning and computer vision. The US-based platform for sneaker reselling and considered among the largest of its kind. Beyond the digital footprint, it also includes a physical presence courtesy of its early 2018 acquisition, Flight Club.

By the numbers

Why is authenticity king?

Amongst sneaker reselling platforms like GOAT, StockX, and eBay, authenticity is critical. The selling of fakes can cause severe reputational damage and the platforms quickest to authenticate with the greatest confidence will have a big advantage.

Where is GOAT investing its efforts?

  • Data collection around sneakers to enable them to assess real and fakes
  • Machine learning to oversee and control the supply chain
  • Industry knowledge with seasoned veterans
  • AWS while not technically a proprietary investment it allows GOAT to focus on supply chain, authentication, and customer experiences.

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